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Haroon Mirza: Untitled Song runs until Thursday, June in modern and contemporary art".
You Talk Way Too Much, Meet Me In The Bathroom and an as yet untitled song show the band are happy to go along with the late 70s punk/new wave sound.
The release of the as yet untitled song - which is sung by John Lennon - is part of a massive promotions blitz for the re-release of the Yellow Submarine album and film.
An All Saints source said: "The untitled song will be credited as Shaznay Lewis vs K-Gee, and has a tough rap from Shaz.
The duo are hoping Noel can swing the release of the as yet untitled song.
The last time Brooklyn-based Loudon played this venue he premiered a new untitled song about an eerie New York subway journey made just after September 11.
The final cycle, Ode to a Nightingale, sets John Keats' poem as a group of eight untitled songs, one for each sta.