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URBAN. Relating to a city; but in a more general sense it signifies relating to houses.
     2. It is used in this latter sense in the civil code of Louisiana, articles 706 and 707. All servitudes are established either for the use of houses or for the use of lands. Those of the first kind are called urban servitudes, whether the buildings to which they are due be situated in the city or in the country. Those of the second kind are called rural servitudes.
     3. The principal kinds of urban servitudes are the following: the right of support; that of drip; that of drain, or of preventing the drain, that of view or of lights, or of preventing the view or lights from being obstructed: that of raising buildings or walls, or of preventing them from being raised that of passage and that of drawing water. Vide 3 Toull. p. 441; Poth. Introd. au tit. 13 de la Coutume d'Orleans, n. 2; Introd. Id. n. 2.

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New Urbanists do a lot of things right, but good urbanism is more than bioswales"--environmentally friendly alternatives to storm sewers--"bike lanes, good coffee, and olive oil.
this Note explores the restraints that new urbanists encounter while
The New Urbanists talk a lot about community, but their idea of community often boils down to folks dwelling blissfully in their "walkable," "livable," "sustainable" neighborhoods, where they get to sit on the porch after dinner and chat with passersby.
The type of community-centered life that New Urbanists wish to recapture with aesthetically pleasing buildings and walkable communities are largely achievable in either context so long as the people living in those communities understand and adhere to a common set of principles that promote prosperity.
While such intertwining is essential for the vibrant streetscape that new urbanists wish to create, it nonetheless greatly complicates the attorney's job.
Although post-modernists challenged the modernist utopian view, the new urbanists have returned to utopianism (Beauregard 2002).
The toughest projects that New Urbanists have undertaken
Bohl's, New Urbanism and the City: Potential Applications and Implications for Distressed Inner-City Neighborhoods--The Politics of Design: The New Urbanists vs.
When interest in such developments started to mount, seven prominent New Urbanists (architects Peter Calthorpe, Duany, Plater-Zyberk, Elizabeth Moule, Stefanos Polyzoides, and Daniel Solomon, as well as organizer Peter Katz) founded the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) to promote and disseminate information about New Urbanism.
Among the key principles of public policy espoused by the New Urbanists are the following: promoting neighborhoods that are diverse in terms of use (e.