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The proportion of agricultural employed population, GDP, agricultural employed population, urbanization rate and land reclamation rate are five factors that affect hollowing in the middle level.
Market consulting firm Frost & Sullivan says Africa's "urbanization rate, the highest in the world, can lead to economic growth, transformation, and poverty reduction."
For instance, the fact that China only needed 30 years to achieve the leap from 20% to over 50% urbanization rate, while the same progress had required over 60 years in the US and about 100 years in Europe (EIU, 2014), is spectacular and indicative of the country's huge catching up effort and remarkable transformation.
The urbanization level in China increased by nearly 30% to reach 53.73% from 1981 to 2013, and the annual average increased by 1.05%, but it was still 30%-70% of the rapid development in urbanization urbanization rate. In the process of urbanization rate from 50% to 70%, a 1% increase in urbanization rate, the total electricity consumption increased by an average of 4.6% [37].
From the existing literature, it can be seen that electricity demand in China is mainly influenced by economic growth, population, urbanization rate, and industrialization level.
Henan current urbanization rate is 46.6%, entered the stage of development of the 30% -70%, and with the industrialization of urbanization has become the first driving force of the modernization of the basic conditions.
The continent's growing population, a growing middle class and the fastest urbanization rate in the world are some of the factors driving increased demand for affordable houses and housing finance.
Furthermore, Iran has a 73% urbanization rate, which puts it on par with industrialized countries.
It is expected that by 2040 the urbanization rate will reach 63 percent," the report stated.
The index uses 36 indicators to measure capacity and incentives for innovation, including how many global top 500 universities a country has, the urbanization rate and spending on research and development.
The plan states that the urbanization rate will go over 60 percent by 2020.