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Abuye C and K Urga Determinants of iodine Deficiency in school children in different regions of Ethiopia.
Earlier, Uzbekistan had planned to give the fields Urga, Kuanish and the Akchalak group for development to the Russian company Gazprom.
This disproves the opinion that during the secretmeetings in Urga both hierarchs failed to come to consent and their dialogue was unsuccessful (Magsarjav, 1994).
Conforme Barone-Adesi, Gagliardini e Urga (2004), a motivacao para incluir o quadrado do excesso de retorno da carteira de mercado e considerar a coassimetria entre a taxa de retorno de cada ativo e a taxa de retorno da carteira de mercado.
In the spring of 1921, he set off for Red-ruled Transbaikalia, hoping to seize foodstuffs and raise his troops' spirits through purposeful action, but the campaign ended in disaster: pro-Communist Mongols routed his forces at Kiakhta on June 11-12, and two weeks later, the Red Army entered Urga.
The major opinion is that urg : uru 'burrow, lair', urgas : urka 'den, lair, hole', urge : urke 'sinus', urk : urga 'hole in the ice', urk : urgi 'the line drawn on the field to divide harvest land', urg : ura 'stream', org 'valley' and Finnish urkama 'cavity, pit, river bed', and orko 'hollow, dingle' are etymologically connected.
In this article, we extend the above static model by using a dynamic translog cost model, patterned after those developed by Allen and Urga (1999) and Urga (1996, 1999), which allows us to distinguish between short-run and long-run elasticities of demand for the three inputs.
For detailed surveys see, for example, Cunningham, 1997; Driver and Urga, 2004; Mitchell et al.
But when the journalist, the prince, and the chauffeur enter the town of Urga in Mongolia, the car becomes an object of pilgrimage for the indigenous population from the most disparate surrounding areas.
At the same time Petronas and UNG signed a PSA to explore and develop the Baisun Block in the northern Ustyurt Basin, which contains three gas and condensate fields - Urga, Kuanish and Akhchalak.
Driver and Urga (2004) use the Linear Anderson and, for some series, the Pesaran method.
The settlement changed its name from Urga to Ulaanbataar in 1924; Below: travellers crossing a frozen river.