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A turning aside or altering of the natural course or route of a thing. The term is chiefly applied to the unauthorized change or alteration of a water course to the prejudice of a lower riparian, or to the unauthorized use of funds.

A program for the disposition of a criminal charge without a criminal trial; sometimes called operation de nova, intervention, or deferred prosecution.

The disposition is conditional on the defendant's performing certain tasks or participating in a treatment program. If the conditions are successfully completed, the charge is dismissed. But if the accused does not meet his or her obligations, prosecution may be instituted.


Riparian Rights.


n. in criminal procedure, a system for giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage due to the crime, obtain treatment for alcohol or drug problems and/or counselling for antisocial or mentally unstable conduct. If the defendant cooperates and the diversion results in progress, the charges eventually may be dismissed. Diversion may not be granted for a second offense. (See: probation)

See: decoy, detour, deviation, digression, enjoyment, misappropriation, misusage, treat
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Cystoscopy with retrograde catheterization (Double J Stenting) and percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN), are two main options for temporary urinary diversion with their own merits and demerits.
Group I had suprapubic and Group II had transurethral urinary diversion.
A female urinary diversion device for military women in the deployed environment Grant # HUOOO1-11-1-TS02 (N11-004).
Many surgical techniques are available for urinary diversion following cystectomy and are created by fashioning a section of bowel into a conduit or reservoir to which the ureters can be anastomosed.
Management of acquired rectourinary fistulas: how often and when is permanent fecal or urinary diversion necessary?
An initial clinical trial is ongoing for the company's lead product candidate, the Neo-Urinary Conduit, an autologous implant that is intended to catalyze regeneration of native-like bladder tissue for bladder cancer patients requiring a urinary diversion following bladder removal.
They noted that patients in their study treated with urinary diversion and urethral realignment developed obliterative strictures, similar to the patients in WVUH.
Urinary Diversion--In cases where no other treatments have been successful, urinary diversion may be an option.
The remainder of the volume's 175 chapters are organized into sections covering surgical approaches to the kidney, kidney reconstruction, the adrenal gland, ureteroneocystostomy, operations for ureteral duplication, approaches to the bladder, bladder reconstruction, noncontinent urinary diversion, catheterizable continent channels, bladder augmentation, continent urinary diversion, testes reconstruction, testis exclusion, groin reconstruction, principles of hypospadias repair, hypospadias operations, penile reconstruction, genital repair, and the urethra.

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