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rhamnosus GG (unique strains of the same bacterial genus and species) to support women's urogenital tract health (condition), a functional distinction that was not overcome with administration of markedly greater abundance (dose) of L.
genitalium, from the urogenital tract of men with nongonococcal urethritis.
According to the literature in many cases viruses reside in the urogenital tract together with various combinations of microflora.
On the basis of the aforementioned findings [17], we hypothesized the following: (1) simulated birth trauma and OVX decrease leak point pressures (LPPs) and plasma estradiol levels; (2) simulated birth trauma and OVX induce atrophy of the urogenital tract and the expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) with induced nitric oxide synthase (iNOS); (3) ER[alpha] and ER[beta] expression are altered by simulated birth trauma and OVX in a mouse model of SUI.
The first five address conditions of the thorax, mediastinum, heart, and great vessels; the abdomen and gastrointestinal tract; the urogenital tract; skull, intracranial space, and vertebral column; and the skeleton and soft tissues.
Wegener's granulomatosis involving the urogenital tract. Br J Urol.
HIV can present in different forms in the male urogenital tract. The different manifestations are summarised in Table I.
The five different "microbial communities" targeted by the current research agenda are the gastrointestinal tract, the female urogenital tract, the oral cavity, the nasopharyngeal tract, and the skin.
Lactobacilli constitute an important part of the normal indigenous alimentary and urogenital tract microbiota of man and animals.
It is the only known pathogenic species of trichomonas regularly found in humans and the only one known to inhabit the urogenital tract. (7) Morphologically, it is similar to the other trichomonads, except that it has an undulating membrane that extends less than half of the body length.
"I've worked with this species," says David Crews of the University of Texas at Austin, and "these are about the toughest amphibians in the world." So he was impressed by the new data, which suggest that something about agriculture's proximity--probably the runoff of pesticides or other farm chemicals--is "essentially remaking the individual," inappropriately "resculpting" a male tadpole's urogenital tract. It's so muddled in intersex animals, he says, that they will likely never breed.
"Prolapse is a disfiguring disorder of the urogenital tract that is often hidden" but could still have negative effects on body image.