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The new accounting system has improved order fulfillment and payments for used textbook buy backs, and gives management better and timely information about costs, sales and profit margins for each textbook title, new or used, in inventory.
In addition the Used Textbook Association said it has appointed Tom Ebert of New Jersey Books as vice president.
In addition the organisation aims to inform faculty of the importance of timely adoptions to create stronger buy-back programmes and launch a campaign to increase the supply of used textbooks.
Rasool saw value in connecting students to buy/sell used textbooks and housing options.
Nauright solicited Emory nursing school faculty and students to donate used textbooks for Dillard's nursing school.
At Mick's inner-city school, crummy used textbooks are a hot-button issue; across the San Francisco Bay, candidates promise better flavors of Jamba Juice in the cafeteria.
Nauright invited Emory nursing school faculty and students to donate used textbooks for Dillard's nursing school.
College students spent $1.6 billion on used textbooks. Read more about it at http://www.bisg.org/docs/BISG_Used_Book_Study_Preview.pdf.
Yet a full, accurate representation of these events is missing from the most widely used textbooks. A History of the United States, a fine textbook written by the late Daniel Boorstin and Brooks Mather Kelley, was in fact criticized in professional journals for its less-than-admiring treatment of the Sixties revolutionaries.
By the late sixteenth century the teaching of moral philosophy became more systematized and teachers often used textbooks, a development found in philosophical teaching generally.
Over the last year, several sites have popped up that enable students to save 15% to 40% off new and used textbooks.
Tenders are invited for Provide used textbooks for elementary, middle and high school levels.