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Amazon claims used textbooks can be purchased for up to 90 percent tess through its website.
Additionally, a used textbook buyback option on the site enables students to earn extra cash by selling back their books.
By the late sixteenth century the teaching of moral philosophy became more systematized and teachers often used textbooks, a development found in philosophical teaching generally.
Over the last year, several sites have popped up that enable students to save 15% to 40% off new and used textbooks.
Today, the relationship of the e-learning tools to the traditional print textbooks and used textbooks gets more twisted and complicated, on the one hand, but on the other hand, the mixture of both can prove to be beneficial.
Market size by course materials segments of new and used textbooks and multimedia;
The report provides both sizing and context to the market segments of new and used textbooks and multimedia materials.
Sites dedicated for recycling used textbooks saw a rush of students donating their used books in the wake of the campaign.
SimpleTuition they ve announced the acquisition of ValoreBooks, an online textbook marketplace that offers discounts on rentals, as well as new and used textbooks.
A federal judge in Florida has dismissed a lawsuit that accused a community college bookstore operator of breach of contract, conspiracy and deceptive business practices stemming from its pricing policies for used textbooks.
I didn't know at the time that my used textbooks were castoffs and that our science and athletic equipment represented the hand-me-downs from white schools in the district.