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The gross margin for new textbooks is about 22 % and 35% for used textbooks (NACS 2008a).
That will make shopping faster and easier," says Doug Alexander, vice president of strategic planning and development at ecampus, which offers 15% off new textbooks and 30% off used textbooks.
At the heart of the case filed in 2006 was Follett's practice of rounding up the resale prices, and rounding up or down the buyback prices for used textbooks.
Very few used textbooks get past FES that aren't in very good condition," says Ayling, "but if we accidentally get a textbook that isn't in very good shape, it's immediately replaced.
Provide a paper-free online adoption form; adoption receipt will be more timely, resulting in the acquisition of more used textbooks at a discount to students.
Conard studied widely used textbooks covering the period from 1945 to 1975 and noted, "On the whole, the later the copyright dates of the textbooks for the same grade, the easier they were, as measured by indices of readability level, maturity level, difficulty of questions, and extent of illustration.
com has launched a new Textbook Store which offers a selection of both new and used textbooks online.
SimpleTuition they ve announced the acquisition of ValoreBooks, an online textbook marketplace that offers discounts on rentals, as well as new and used textbooks.
The Used Textbook Association, an organisation which advocates the role and value of used textbooks in the marketplace and attempts to increase the supply of used textbooks available to students, has announced that Jim Sheppard has accepted the position of executive director.
Publishers also crank out new editions like clockwork - whether there's any new material to add or not - to make less expensive, used textbooks obsolete, Thornton said.
The first product of a more comprehensive world history textbook review that is expected to be released later this year, "Islam and the Textbooks" offers 35 pages of analysis, including quotes from widely used textbooks and a case study of Massachusetts, where the Islam content within its revised history framework came under attack from activists who called it racist and biased.