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USEFUL. That which may be put into beneficial practice.
     2. The patent act of congress of July 4, 1836, sect. 6, in describing the subjects of patents, mentions "new and useful art," and "new and useful improvement." To entitle the inventor to a patent, his invention must, to a certain extent, be beneficial to the community, and not be for an unlawful object, or frivolous, or insignificant. 1 Mason, 182; 1 Pet. C. C. R. 322; 1 Bald. 303; 14 Pick. 217; Paine, 203.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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SOCRATES: Then of two good and useful things, one, which is knowledge, has been set aside, and cannot be supposed to be our guide in political life.
This will be very useful in stopping dirt coming out of the eyes.
ISLAMABAD -- The payment of utility bills through Branchless Banking (BB) in the country is becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis as around 67 per cent of them believed that making payments with mobile money agents is a useful innovation.
Boulder, CO, December 12, 2013 --( Useful Systems, Inc., a Boulder-based startup focused on mobile workforce enterprise apps, announced the closing of their seed financing today.
Bank of England governor Mark Carney has asked banks to be socially useful by helping businesses invest and create jobs.
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On all three levels, I found the book a worthwhile read and useful to applied economists who may wish to better understand the transportation sector as well as build up their tool box.
A new study, by Starch for the Canadian Business Press, finds 76% of respondents find the Internet to be "very useful" as an information source, up from 53% in 2004.
More than 80 per cent of consumers in the Middle East have a good knowledge of prepaid products, while an average of over 60 per cent say they would find prepaid products useful for remittances, salary and travel cards.
Any college-level collection strong in political histories of Latin American nations needs USEFUL STRANGERS, an in-depth and detailed coverage of changing relations between Ecuador and the U.S.