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We are pleased to offer our customers the most technologically advanced v-groove splicer while making it one of the most affordable to own," comments Dwayne Holst, product manager for the Lightwave Network Products division at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave.
December 1990, "Automatic Single V-Groove Welding Utilizing Infrared Images for Error Detection and Correction", Welding research, Supplement to the Welding Journal, pp.
Rather than mounting the seal on the doorjamb, the impactable door seal is on the door panel and protected within the rugged V-Groove guide track.
This design also eliminates the v-groove and limb bolt groove common on 1.
The rays are reflected and refracted by micro-patterns at the bottom of the LGP, which could be an array of ink printed white spots (1) or V-groove microstructures (2), (3).
Dakota Automation's CNC V-groover is designed to accurately V-groove Laminated material.
Exclusive Florida distributor (250 active flooring centers) top quality German engineered laminate flooring and molding, v-groove beveled, 25 yr.
Since they were adding a second story, they raised the ceiling downstairs and covered it in white V-groove six-inch cypress boards, a nod to the age of the home.
Combining modern European style with traditional wood surface characteristics, the flooring has registered embossed and hand scraped boards that carry micro-bevels on all four sides and V-groove joints that run the length of the floor to detail the wood effect.
7-cm (3-5/16-in) wide square-edged tongue & groove (T & G) matched flooring, V-groove paneling, and overlap bevel siding (8.
RICHARD Burbidge now offers Connect V-Groove IV, a glueless laminate range that has bevelled edges on all sides of the boards for a realistic wood effect finish.
These guide rollers and mounting bushings feature a 90-degree V-groove in the outer race, which allows the rollers to ride on existing V-rails or any square edge.

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