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Polyimide expanded inside the V-groove, when heat is applied to the joints by electrical heater (Ebefors, 2000).
In this article, measurements of the depth of melt filling of V-groove structures in LGPs made of two different grades of PC as a function of molding conditions were carried out.
1 m (8 to 10 ft) were segregated for V-groove paneling remanufacture.
Unlike other technologies such as chemical or laser etch and V-groove, MicroLens enables full control of six key parameters: size, shape, depth, pitch, density and angle rotation.
These guide rollers and mounting bushings feature a 90-degree V-groove in the outer race, which allows the rollers to ride on existing V-rails or any square edge.
The side of each plank in the Moderna Vision V-Joint Laminate Flooring System is beveled to create a V-groove.
The 4-foot-by-8-foot knotty alder entry door (shown) features a v-groove, plank-style design that has been accented with rustic clavos and a black wrought-iron grille that protects the operating speakease port.
Exposed rafters support the vaulted roof, which is finished with painted V-groove roof decking.
NuAire's freezers are constructed of heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel with special V-groove gasketing providing a positive seal.
Varias de las capacidades del FL3 estan centradas en sus capacidades DSP, por ejemplo, los efectos Groove y V-Groove enfatizan los bajos y los agudos, asi como anaden un cierto efecto espacial entre el canal izquierdo y el derecho.
The Volition optical fiber uses a V-groove technology that replaces the ferrules used in traditional SC fiber-optic connectors.

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