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VERT. Everything bearing green leaves in a forest. Bac. Ab. Courts of the Foreat; Manwood, 146.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Guindo a dit que: "la reponse du Mali, en plus des efforts des services techniques, est la mobilisation de la Societe civile a travers les "gilets verts".
A cette occasion, Mme Zarouati invitUu[c] la sociUu[c]tUu[c] civile de sae1/4aoimpliquer dae1/4aoune maniUuA re effective dans le dUu[c]veloppement et la sensibilisation sur les questions liUu[c]es Uu lae1/4aoenvironnement et lae1/4aoimportance de prUu[c]server les espaces verts. La ministre a estimUu[c] que lae1/4aoAlgUu[c]rie a tous les atouts pour concrUu[c]tiser la stratUu[c]gie du gouvernement Uu lae1/4aohorizon 2035.
VERTS currently has 28 locations across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.
VERTS Kebap Chief Risk Officer Niklas Plath says he's been very impressed with the body of work so far.
In each of the four major elections in which Les Verts have presented candidates for office since 1997, the party has campaigned on the themes of solidarity, citizenship and ecological responsibility, and actively promoted social equality as the central component of environmental politics.
A second VERTS station will be located at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., home to the U.S.
Formed in January 1984, the Verts federated a number of local environmental associations that had existed for over a decade.
La ministre de lae1/4aoenvironnement et des [euro]u[c]nergies renouvelables a install[euro]u[c], mercredi, une commission intersectorielle des espaces verts. Cette commission qui se compose de repr[euro]u[c]sentants de dix institutions et deux experts a pour mission dae1/4aoexaminer les dossiers de classement des espaces verts.