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A book containing references, alphabetically arranged, to the contents of a series or collection of documents or volumes; or a section (normally at the end) of a single volume or set of volumes containing such references to its contents.

Statistical indexes are also used to track or measure changes in the economy (for example, the Consumer Price Index) and movement in stock markets (for example, Standard & Poor's Index). Such indexes are usually keyed to a base year, month, or other period of comparison.

In mortgage financing, the term is used to determine adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) interest rates after the discount period ends. Common indexes for ARMs are one-year Treasury Securities and the national average cost of funds to savings and loan associations.

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Because the generated signal is a noisy sine wave, there may be many trigger events within each array of new data from the Simulate Signal VI. The values of these events are the entries in the Triggered Signals output array.
Not only does this collapse reflect contemporary concerns about the gentlemanly neglect of war and politics for frivolous pastimes, but it also highlights contestatory ambition as the major cause of both war and political conflict in Henry VI. It is startling to discover how little of the action in the trilogy is prompted by actual political disagreement.
The InfiniBand point-to-point switched fabric supports reliable messaging (send/receive) and memory manipulation (remote DMA) without software in the data path, providing enhancements to VI.
Western blotting of the unbound and bound fractions revealed that CA VI was indeed associated with IgG, which may protect the enzyme from proteolytic degradation or target it to cells that do not express CA VI.
IBA is the first institute in Pakistan to become a member of Vi. The Vi will cooperate with the Faculty of Business Administration, in particular its Department of Economics and Finance, and the Centre of Business and Economic Research (CBER).
We see VI as the enabling interconnect for the next generation data centers and we see DAFS as kind of the killer app for VI.
Before Humanae vitae, because of the advent of the Pill and related problems, a Commission on Population and Family Life had been set up by Pope John XXIII in 1963 and later enlarged by Pope Paul VI. A report of majority members of the commission was leaked to the media.
When FCM is invoked, the data is sent to the requesting node through the HBA that manages VI. The requesting node is the node where the SQL statement has been initiated.