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[Latin, Force or violence.] A term employed in many legal phrases and maxims, such as vis injuriosa, "wrongful force."

See: ability, coercion, compulsion, essence, faculty, force, impetus, import, importance, influence, life, meaning, power, pressure, significance, signification, stock, store, strength

VIS. A Latin word which signifies force. In law it means any kind of force, violence, or disturbance, relating to a man's person or his property.

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VIS will contain all the Schengen visa applications, as well as all the decisions made regarding these applications.
The total value of VIS in the transaction is ISK65.
A takeover would give VIS a back-door route to a stock market listing.
I am picturing me in the cemetery on vis reading the names on the graves.
VIS is a central database to exchange data on short-stay (up to 3 month) visas between the Schengen States' authorities.
VIS President Leuh Fang says that the company has designated analog ICs to drive growth this year and expects sales to increase at least 25% YoY this year.
Ms Ludford was "not impressed" by the way the Commission had "in an obscure footnote" announced its plans to delegate to a member state the job of managing VIS, pending the creation of a VIS management agency.
With production of the other modules and headsets roughly pacing what's produced at the Manchester facility, Army officials estimate they can equip more than 2,000 vehicles per month with VIS.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-29 March 2006-Icelandic insurance group VIS seeks acquisitions in Denmark(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Chris Van der Kuyl, 29, sold a fifth of his firm VIS Interactive to a group of investors led by Direct Holidays founder John Boyle.
What VIS promises, however, is hardly timid: content-based, digital, interactive, multimedia information delivered to both the living room and the classroom.