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As Visar learns to eat like other children, after living since birth on his mother's milk, his diet will be eggs and a few vegetables.
Tired Visar cried intermittently as he was driven back to London.
She said Visar, who is in an open ward at the hospital, seemed to be settling in well and added: "He has quite a sense of humour - he plays peek-a-boo."
En arman dimension som visar transitionens process ar utvecklingen av sjalvfortroende och copingstrategier som visar att individen forstar och kan hantera transitionen pa ett bra satt (10).
But airport officials in the Macedonian capital of Skopje said Visar and Sajdie's UN travel documents were not valid.
Distraught Visar and his deaf mute mum Sadije were refused entry to Macedonia, through which they have to travel to get to Kosovo.
Visar was operated on three times during the first two months of his life, but his fourth operation was abandoned after the outbreak of war in the Balkan region.
Forskning visar att ledarskapet har betydelse for vardpersonalens arbetsvalbefinnande och arbetshalsa och att dessa i sin tur har en betydelse for installningen till arbetet och varden.
SMILING Kosovar war child Visar Zymberi is ready to fly home after life-saving surgery in Scotland.
KOSOVAR war child Visar Zymberi tucks into a strawberry yoghurt given to him by his mum - the first food he has eaten after two years of only being able to have his mother's milk.
Visar Zymberi suffers a congenital oesophageal condition which means he can only swallow liquids.