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VACCARIA, old Eng. law. A word which is derived from vacca, a cow, and signifies a dairy-house. Co. Litt. 5 b.

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We have been sampling Naples semi-annually to monthly since fall 2006 and on 20 September 2013 found Aplysia vaccaria for the first time there.
On the other hand, even in the works, such as the Anconitana and the Vaccaria, in which he includes the traditional roles, these roles are drastically overturned.
Angeloni and Bradbury (1999) tagged the large marine ospithobranch Aplysia vaccaria with PITs, but did not record tag retention.
Vaccaria seeds were pressed into these selected points with a view to stimulating serum concentrations of antioxidative enzymes such as catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD).
Utilizan inserciones de agujas como en la acupuntura --a veces acompanadas de tenues descargas electricas--, varillas de vidrio pulido para frotar la oreja, minusculos imanes, semillas de mostaza que tienen un leve efecto caustico, semillas de vaccaria --cierta planta china-- que al germinar <<eliminan energia fotonica>>, microesferas de acero inoxidable, moxas --son inyecciones de preparados de hierbas en el cartilago de la oreja--, o aplicaciones de procaina, un anestesico local.