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Use of Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy in treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcer.
Following early and aggressive serial debridements of all the nonviable tissues, we employed vacuum assisted closure (VAC) dressings among all patients.
The authors concluded that with careful subsequent management, good patient outcomes could be achieved and recommended vacuum assisted closure as the treatment method of choice for open abdomen management and temporary abdominal closure.
Conclusion: Vacuum assisted closure appeared to be an effective method to manage complex diabetic wounds requiring sterile wound environment.
Successful treatment of perineal necrotising fasciitis and associated pubic bone osteomyelitis with the vacuum assisted closure system.
A) Closed drains 1 Vacuum drains Vacuum drainage system (Redivac[R], J-Vac[R], abdominal VAC[R] drains) Vacuum assisted closure device (VAC[R]) 2 Non-vacuum drains Robinson drain Mallecot Pigtail drain Chest tube drains with an underwater seal T-tube drain B) Open drains Corrugated drain Penrose drain Sump drain