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Imprecise; uncertain; indefinite.

The term vague is frequently used in reference to a statute written in language that is so indefinite or lacking in precision that an individual of ordinary intelligence is forced to guess at its meaning. Statutes that are vague are ordinarily void on that ground.


Void for Vagueness Doctrine.

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Caption: Vagar Airport, gateway to the Faroe Islands, has passed the 300,000 passenger milestone for the first time.
Heading back to Vagar airport, about 30 minutes' drive from Torshavn, we had enough time to fit in one last unforgettable experience - a helicopter tour of the islands.
NEED TO KNOW LesLey OLdfieLd | visited the Faroe Islands with Atlantic Airways, who offer flights from Edinburgh to Vagar from PS207 return.
NunaMinerals expects the proceeds from such an issue to enhance its opportunities to ensure a further value increase of its product portfolio, including the Vagar gold project, the Inglefield Land iron project and the activities in the Nuuk area.
International Resource News-2 November 2009-Gold found at Vagar exclusive licence in South Greenland(C)2009 ENPublishing -