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Imprecise; uncertain; indefinite.

The term vague is frequently used in reference to a statute written in language that is so indefinite or lacking in precision that an individual of ordinary intelligence is forced to guess at its meaning. Statutes that are vague are ordinarily void on that ground.


Void for Vagueness Doctrine.

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Editorial Note: Philanthropist and former banker Richard Vague is a managing partner of Gabriel Investments, Chairman of The Governor's Woods Foundation, and author of "The Next Economic Disaster: Why It's Coming and How to Avoid It", which is also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.
Until now, there has been no study on interval neutrosophic vague set (INVS) and its combination particularly with vague sets.
This year will also see the release of the 'Nouvelle Vague By Nouvelle Vague' documentary, which recounts the band's spectacular history, as well as two new studio albums.
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Friedmanfound that the city's stated purpose of protectingand promoting the investment of permanent restaurants was a legitimate purpose for the law but held the law was unconstitutionally vague, citing testimony from city officials and plaintiffsJoey Vanoni of Pizza di Joey and Nikki McGowan of Mindgrub Cafe about differing interpretations of the law's language.
Cette vague de froid, traduite par la forte baisse des temperatures, a mis les autorites competentes en etat d'alerte.
However, the physical custody agreement is vague and it doesn't outline any specific division of time with the kids for both the parents.
Vague pr'om' ises from the Government of studies and schemes just aren't good enough and show the complacent attitude of ministers COUN STEPHEN O'BRIEN
While studying bacterial metabolism and all the other things bacteria can do, Vague decided to carry out an in-depth search for microbes that can break down common plastic.
Abu Rudeineh added: "We tell those who try to circumvent the Arab Peace Initiative and the resolutions of international legitimacy by proposing vague ideas or slogans that these attempts will be doomed to failure because no one will accept them and there will be no Palestinian or Arab interaction with them."
Suppose article 62-1/F is vague. How can court nullify a vague article.
He followed it up with several tweets, blaming the Democrats for this controversy and finally, on Friday, he issued his vague denial: 'Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country.