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In 2011, researchers reported in the European Heart Journal that repeated vagus nerve stimulation improved quality of life and the heart's blood-pumping efficiency in heart failure patients.
In May, CMS issued its final decision, stating that "there is sufficient evidence to conclude that vagus nerve stimulation is not reasonable and necessary for treatment of resistant depression.
Teenagers considering vagus nerve stimulation need to be aware of all potential safety concerns associated with implanted devices and magnets.
Ben-Menachem E: Vagus nerve stimulation for treatment of seizures.
8220;Our many clinical trials continue to show that our hand held, vagus nerve stimulation device gammaCore is effective in helping patients prevent and treat cluster headache.
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is now approved for two indications: drug-refractory epilepsy and drug-refractory depression.
Houston, TX) entered into an agreement with Ethicon Endo-Surgery granting exclusive rights to the company's patents and patent applications pertaining to vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of obesity and two related co-morbidities, diabetes and hypertension, in overweight patients.
Cyberonics manufactures an FDA-approved pacemaker-like device that uses vagus nerve stimulation to treat epilepsy and depression, conditions that often don't respond well to drug treatment.
SEATTLE -- The epilepsy control achieved by vagus nerve stimulation does not increase substantially during the first year of treatment, Dr.
Vagus nerve stimulation as an additional or "adjunct" therapy may offer an improvement.
Abstract: Vagus nerve stimulation was recently approved for control of medically intractable seizures.
BioControl Medicalhas announced that the pilot clinical study of its CardioFit[R] vagus nerve stimulation system has been recognized as seminal original research in the European Journal of Heart Failure.