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Four years ago my father died leaving a will, which I have a copy. He stated that he left each of his grandchildren £500 and clearly states in the will they are to have it when they reach the age of 21 unless they marry before. The covering letter which the solicitor sent to us with the cheques stated that they are to receive it when they are 18. There is now a big family dispute as one of the children has reached 21 and has been given his money but the family are requesting the interest accrued as he should have had it at 18 according to the covering letter from the solicitor. Surely the will is correct and not the letter.


Normally indeed the will does govern.
References in classic literature ?
Inglethorp, in consequence of a conversation on the validity of wills, makes a will in favour of her husband, which the two gardeners witness.
If it is mortis causa, the donation must be in the form of a will, with all the formalities for the validity of wills, otherwise it is void and cannot transfer ownership.
The four chapters cover the legal notion of the decedent, the substantive validity of wills, the revocation of wills, and non-testamentary acts affecting the devolution of an estate.
Andrew Chandler, who is experienced in a range of matters including validity of wills and fraud claims, has joined from the Birmingham office of DAC Beachcroft.
The reason for this is that there can be an argument for disputing the validity of wills on the basis that the deceased did not have mental capacity to make it, or that they lacked knowledge and approval of it.
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Contests involving validity of wills follow a well-worn path.