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And now having disposed of my most valuable property I hope all will be satisfied and not blame the dead.
But by far the most important consideration, to Werper, at least, was the incalculably valuable treasure in the little leathern pouch at Tarzan's side.
Thanks to Natasha's directions the work now went on expeditiously, unnecessary things were left, and the most valuable packed as compactly as possible.
Thus we shall not even have the consolations of a full treasury, to atone for the oppression of that valuable class of the citizens who are employed in the cultivation of the soil.
These last were engaged, not merely to kill game for provisions, but also, and indeed chiefly, to trap beaver and other animals of rich furs, valuable in the trade.
I also learned a valuable lesson at Hampton by coming into contact with the best breeds of live stock and fowls.
Perhaps the most valuable thing that I got out of my second year was an understanding of the use and value of the Bible.
At the same time these fragments have produced much that is interesting and valuable, such as the new lines, "Works and Days" 169 a-d, and the improved readings ib.
Very valuable is the appendix to Mair's translation (Oxford, 1908) on "The Farmer's Year in Hesiod".
NEW DELHI -- India's Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to take over all unclaimed valuables and other articles that were left behind in Pakistan by people who migrated to India in 1947, Indian paper The Economic Times reported on Monday.
Dubai Three porters have admitted stealing jewellery and valuables from travellers' bags while unloading them at Dubai International Airport.
MOTORISTS are being reminded not to leave valuables in their cars.