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On Wednesday, such a statue was first vandalised but later replaced in Meerut district.
Some of these transformers are intact while others have been vandalised," he said.
said point in for a tree that's vandalised Liscard Cllr Mooney said that Liscard's Labour councillors had paid PS200 towards the PS400 cost of repairing the tree after it was vandalised last year, with shops donating the rest.
OIthmaar BankOs Isa Town offsite ATM located near Sabeeka Al Ansari Mosque was vandalised,O he told the GDN.
SOUTH SHIELDS: A HISTORIC painting of a white horse which was etched on to rocks more than a hundred years ago has been vandalised.
The box, in Stockton, Teesside, in honour of rower Kath Copeland, was vandalised with nicknames scratched into the surface.
This has now been postponed, as the doors were vandalised.
Maoist cadres vandalised around two dozen shops, in Anamnagar this morning for "defying the indefinite strike" called by their party.
It is estimated that between March and April, more that 20 lampposts in a small area were vandalised.
We are at fault for allowing this statue to be vandalised in this way.
A parish Council chairman expressed his anger after a wreath and flowers laid in memory of the war dead were vandalised.
Bush that were parked at Denver International Airport have allegedly been vandalised by an Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel who could now face criminal charges.