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HONLEY: Sept 12 - Vandal slashed four tyres on BMW 320.
The problem is they constantly are replacing glass lenses and lighting components that have been damaged by rocks, vehicles, or vandals.
The slogans of the vandals written stated: "26th Jan Australia's shame" and "F*** Australia Day.
The vandals smashed up the away team's dugout and tried to get into the clubhouse's canteen, leaving dozens of empty beer cans on the pitch at Cae Seilo, Y Felinheli, Gw ynedd.
Managing director of Stone Technical Services, Dave Stone, said: "The rising price of scrap metals, such as copper and lead, has made so many public buildings targets for vandals.
gave to me, three graffiti vandals, two parking tickets and a huge increase in my trash fee.
NORTH Tyneside mayor Linda Arkley spoke of her dismay yesterday after attacks by vandals forced the removal of two Christmas trees.
POLICE went armed with paintbrushes to protect a community garden from mindless vandals.
VANDALS have caused thousands of pounds' worth of damage to a bird hide in the grounds of Coombe Country Park.
A GROUP of vandals, calling themselves the CyPano Polemidia Terrorist GroupCO entered the local community park in the early hours of Tuesday, defaced walls with slogans and caused extensive damage to property, valued at e1/42,000.
LOVE ME DON'T: The foliage Ringo Starr's head has been chopped off by vandals
Scarecrows are the latest way youngsters are hoping to ward off vandals at their school.