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A new tree was donated after the first attack, but vandals struck again at the weekend, meaning the lights had to stay off.
A vandal, or vandals, used red, black and silver paint on glass windows and window frames at the listed building on the Queen Square Business Park.
The 59-year-old said vandals have been drilling holes into the hulls of boats on the canal network and sinking them.
He noted the vandals got ahead of their plans by also adding security through guards for the weekend.
Club chairman Alwyn Thomas and Cllr Sian Gwenllian have asked for the police's help in catching the vandals.
Chapter one focuses on the literary image of the Vandals from their first appearance in Roman sources through their representation in Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern authors.
gave to me, four more years of Tony, three graffiti vandals, two parking tickets and a huge increase in my trash fee.
However, following repeated attacks by vandals, trees have had to be removed from two roundabouts following a request by SEC Lighting Services, which maintains the lights on behalf of the council.
Joan Chamberlain, treasurer for the Friends of Ward End Park, said: "We are all hoping the paint will prevent vandals from destroying any more flowers and vegetables.
The vandals also broke two metal doors and the parkCOs lighting.
A FOLIAGE sculpture of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr came a cropper when a vandal chopped off his head.
These vandals don't steal anything - they just break into the school grounds to cause damage.