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VantagePoint will allow Triton users to download additional maps onto their devices, as well as upload stored treks, waypoints and other recorded media.
VantagePoint also allows users to view maps and points of interest (POI) on a PC, and to search for other content to help plan a trip or Geocache.
Learn more about Louis' achievements and get a free live demo of VantagePoint software and its artificial intelligence market forecasting at https://www.
As of its latest SEC filing, Vantagepoint Investment Advisers' stake in Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fd was worth $182,419,000.
Sensus said VantagePoint gives public service providers further control than before, with a lighting solution and module that fits into standard socket fixtures.
Since 2011, VantagePoint has published four reports covering the Professional Services, Building and Construction, Agri suppliers and general SME sectors.
5p per share since its acquisiton of Vantagepoint, but still underperforms both the support services and construction sectors with a p/e ratio of 7.
LegacyPoint receives messages from an OS/390 system and displays them in the VantagePoint browser.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing, VantagePoint has active investments in over 70 companies, including award-winning leaders BrightSource Energy, Liquid Robotics, Genomatica, MiaSole, SWITCH Lighting, Serious Energy, Bridgelux, Solazyme, Trilliant, Tendril and Better Place.
Research and development is a top priority at Market Technologies and the newest version of VantagePoint exemplifies our commitment to maintaining a leadership position in AI functionality," Mendelsohn said.
Bank has introduced VantagePoint, a comprehensive online receivables management tool that combine multiple payment types into a single portal to assist clients solve many long standing challenges connected with exception management, cash application and reporting.
The financing round was led by VantagePoint Capital Partners and Rho Ventures.