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Variegated plants, by the way, are more difficult to site in the garden because your eye is often led to them.
When it comes to plant care, variegated plants do need a little extra attention.
A carefully placed variegated plant in your garden can be a focal eyepoint.
For a shady spot, Lyschimachia Outback Sunset is an attractive variegated plant with clusters of bright yellow flowers.
Seen here are Hosta x Fortunei Viridis in bloom with a typical hosta flower and Hosta x Fortunei Ground Master, illustrating a variegated plant with puckered leaves.
With the aid of a specialised lawyer and armed with the latest knowledge of EU and British Plant Patent Regulations John has finally managed to secure world wide rights on this uniquely variegated plant. Through Young Plants Limited John will be supplyin g under strict licence rooted cuttings around the world.
(Of note: In general, variegated plants need more light than monochromatic green.) The plants are photographed in dramatic, shadowy, low-light conditions against colorful backdrops, which makes this book visually distinctive in a bumper crop of houseplant guides.
In early summer it is best to cut back established variegated plants to encourage strongly coloured growth.
Like most variegated plants, it is less vigorous and doesn't send out suckers as energetically as other cultivars.
Tenders are invited for Supply of syngonium variegated plants for display in various mpl schools and off
If you have variegated plants such as euonymus which are reverting to green, cut out affected shoots when you notice them, as if they take hold, the whole plant could revert.