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As such, variety stores and mass merchandisers are expected to continue developing at a stable pace.
Best Price, operating the chain of variety stores Fix Price, remained the leading player in mixed retailers in 2015.
The Department and Variety Stores category recorded the highest share of total online expenditure in the year to January at 34%, followed by Homewares and Appliances with 17% share of spend and Groceries and Liquor with 15% share of spend.
a Detroit-based company with about 800 variety stores, opened its first Kmart store in March of 1962 in Garden City, Mich.
Wal-Mart's first chairman and CEO was a variety store chain employee from Kansas.
26, 1992, cur- rently operates 160 variety stores and two restaurant operations.
Unlike most of the industries examined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is little correlation between output movements and changes in the business cycle for variety stores.
Variety stores continued to post healthy current value growth of 6% in 2015, thus outperforming the wider mixed retailer channel, which recorded an increase of 1%.
USPRwire, Thu Jul 30 2015] Mixed retailers experienced opposite trends in 2014, with warehouse clubs and variety stores showing strong growth whilst department stores and mass merchandisers struggled.
in April agreed to sell the majority of its Kresge and Jupiter variety stores in the United States to McCrory Corp.