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Nevertheless, he sought society; for on Sunday, when the ladies Rochefeuille, Monsieur de Houppeville and the new habitues, Onfroy, the chemist, Monsieur Varin and Captain Mathieu, dropped in for their game of cards, he struck the window-panes with his wings and made such a racket that it was impossible to talk.
We've been a GSA provider for many years, in terms of card issuance systems, photo ID systems and smart card solutions," Varin said.
Description : The Nutrition For All (NFA) project operates in 34 villages in all 5 communes of Varin District, Siem Reap province.
Peugeot-Citroen Chief Executive Philippe Varin has not commented when asked if his firm is interested in acquiring the South Korean company.
The committee is chaired by chief executive of Corus Philippe Varin and comprises of Rauke Henstra, chief operating officer, Marjan Oudeman, strip products division director, Phil Dryden, long products division director, Scott MacDonald, distribution and building systems division director, Tor Farquhar, director human resources and Frank Royle, director finance.
Elsewhere, another report said Corus chief executive Philippe Varin stands to make more than pounds 8m if a deal is eventually sewn up.
Another figure who would benefit from the sale of Corus is its chief executive, Philippe Varin, who reportedly stands to make more than pounds 8m if a deal is eventually sewn up.
Thurston 16, Springfield 1: Andria Wheatley, Sara Varin and Linsey Stripling each had two hits for the visiting Colts, who scored seven in the first inning.
Presenting full-year results Philippe Varin, chief executive, made it clear that he is in favour of moves to consolidate the worldwide steel industry.
The cull by the one-time British Steel, which has dumped 13,000 people in four years, is described by chief exec Philippe Varin, right, as "restoring success".
The firm appointed former Pechiney executive Philippe Varin as its chief executive yesterday after previous boss Tony Pedder resigned last month, when Corus reported a loss of pounds 458m in 2002.
The French state-owned group Areva has hired Philippe Knoche and Philippe Varin as CEO and chairman of its newly created board of directors.