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NBC significantly increased the number of graphical user interface (GUI)-based VSM panels, which were accessed from various monitors and tablets provided throughout NBC Olympics' various production facilities.
Al-Matiri, for his part, asserted ALO's willingness to sign co-operation agreements with the various production actors in order to develop markets in Arab countries, adding that UTICA is one of the main production partners in Tunisia.
It will contain various production facilities in miniature format to allow Actega to understand the production processes and specific requirements of customers better than under laboratory conditions only.
The 3-day Conference, organized by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in collaboration with the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and other stakeholders over, recommended the need to carry out the best manufacturing hygiene practices in the various production sites, and handling of food through the application of food safety systems, including the good hygiene practices, risk analysis, critical control points, the importance of food establishments commitment to providing their employees with proper training and rehabilitation.
It supplies parts used in the manufacture of products in a range of industries and also provides customised services and solutions for various production needs.
Meanwhile, the Director of the Ministry's Gender Unit Sana Mohamed Salah explained that the celebration came under the slogan (Towards Women Economic Empowerment), reviewing contribution of Sudanese women to various production fields including the agricultural, industrial and craft production.
Thanks to their experience and know-how, the people at MilkyLAB offer support and professional assistance in choosing the technological solutions suited to the various production requirements.
The results were consistent across the various production facilities.
Packaged food and beverage companies require unique label designs to meet various production requirements and create product differentiation in order to stay ahead of their competitors.
Various production departments of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd (HACPL) have won Honda Global Best Quality Awards for 2014.
LAHORE -- Various production departments of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (HACPL) won Honda Global Best Quality Awards for 2014.
I think a lot of people have sat around tables in various production offices and decided it wasn't financially viable."