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VENAL. Something that is bought. The term is generally applied in a bad sense; as, a venal office is an office which has been purchased.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'Tenaganita would point out, so as to experience has shown, that 'large scale enforcement operations (a euphemism for brutal, inhumane arrests and detention)' have consistently failed to produce any beneficial results, except for venal enforcement personnel and unethical agents,' the NGO said in a statement.
People are so desperate for a change, so dissatisfied with their lot, they are willing to elect corrupt and venal representatives.
The carrier's chairman had the authority to approve cases that exceeded one million Pakistani rupees or US$30,000 in a single case, while the station heads and deputy general managers had the authority to approve cases up to Rs50,000 and $2,000 in any single case.Sources inside the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Pakistan Today that the agency had started investigating the case and the venal officials would be taken to task.
Andrei Venal, Christina Lopez, Jaime Pacena II, Mervy Pueblo, Miko Aguilar, Ninotchka Rosca, Ralph Eya and Sidney Valdez shared their thoughts on extrajudicial killings, martial law, the current administration and the 'worsening attitude of Filipinos.'
Now Canet has addressed the rumours, hitting out at their "venal stupidity".
Now Canet has also addressed the rumours, hitting out at the "venal stupidity" of the rumours.
There's an aggressive, uncompromising stubbornness to the way he keeps making movies about weary older men pursuing venal, shallow, but willing younger women.
TWO 'nasty and venal' Coventry thugs', jailed for ambushing and robbing a bouncer in a darkened alley, have had their sentences slashed.
Summary: Speaking at an event organised for young Emirati entrepreneurs at Dubai's Emirates Tower, Biden said that America's current electoral politics has become "petty, venal and mean".
He added, We look forward to the participation of popular and media in exposing the corrupt and venal who were disbanding the interests of the people in government departments ./End
"An important issue in the recent election was whether we had substituted the crony socialism of the past with crony capitalism where the rich and the influential are alleged to have received land natural resources and spectrum in return for payoffs to venal politicians.