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(ven-eer-ay) n. the list from which jurors may be selected. (See: jury, panel)

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VENIRE, OR VENIRE PACIAS JURATORES, practice. The name of a writ directed to the sheriff commanding him to cause to come from the body of the county before the court from which it issued, on some day certain and therein specified, a certain number of qualified citizens who are to act as jurors in the said court. Steph. Pl. 104; 2 Graydon's Forms, 314; and see 6 Serg. & Rawle, 414; 21 Vin. Ab. 291; Com. Dig. Enquest, C 1, &c.; Id. Pleader, 2 S 12, 3 0 20; Id. Process, D 8; 3 Chit. Pr. 797.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Emergency services arrived at the scene and battled for 30minutes to save Mr Venner, but he had suffered massive head injuries and was declared dead at the scene.
The Rt Rev Venner, a Bishop for Dover and Canterbury, said: "I am disturbed at suggestions that these children should be educated in isolation."
The final provided an opportunity for Venner to reverse last year's final loss to Jack Dempsey and started in confident fashion winning the first game 11-4.
"All our respect to Dominique Venner, whose last and deeply political gesture has been an attempt to awaken the people of France," Le Pen, president of the Front National (FN) party, tweeted.
"People were very scared." Venner, an ultra right-wing Catholic, was known to be furious when a law allowing gay marriage in France was approved earlier this month.
"We were originally going to do dressage with him, but he won't really stand it because of the after-effects of the grass sickness," says Venner. "He's ridden when he wants to be though, and he can still be headstrong.
Top men's singles seed is Ritchie Venner, who tasted defeat just twice in 36 Division One trips to the table and he is seeded to face 2017 champion Thomas Hadley in the final.
Dominique Venner shot himself through the mouth in front of the main altar of Notre-Dame de Paris.
Veteran Acorns' fundraiser John Fewins, of Solihull, teamed up with Richard and Tim Venner to support Acorns at the event at Fulford Heath Golf Club, Wythall, near Solihull.
Dr Stephen Venner, Bishop of Dover, after the Church of England synod vote to ordain women bishops
The toughest match was a 4-4 draw with local rivals Darlington, in which Paul Drinkhall won two of his matches against Preen and Ritchie Venner.
Holiday director Ed Venner said the Hollywood beauty came over to say hello to the film crew in a restaurant.