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Fry travels the globe seeking venomous animals. When he finds them, he extracts, or removes, a bit of their venom to bring back to the lab for further study.
Both kinds carry toxins, but a venomous animal is a more active defender.
Chavez-Olortegui, corresponding author of the study, said that it is not easy taking venom from a spider, a snake or any other kind of venomous animal.
In Woodland, the first of the six-part series, Iolo Williams visits North Wales and the Lake District - the frontline between the red and grey squirrel; Nick Baker tracks down Britain's most venomous animal - the adder - to learn more about its bizarre and secret habits; Gordon Buchanan goes on a Highland quest in search of the near-mythical Scottish wildcat; and Ellie finds out how the rare red kite came back from the brink of extinction.
The increased sensitivity is just not limited to their pets or domestic animals but, it has widened towards wild, reptiles, and venomous animals too.
The letter particularly warned people to take care of children and the elderly and to watch out for venomous animals such as snakes.
Figures from the Office for National Statistics show there were 1,085 deaths in the region in 2017 where the cause of death was linked to a fatal anaphylactic reaction, such as allergic reactions or reactions to drugs or venomous animals.
Commenting on it, Dr Chris Carbone said, "Understanding how venom evolves may help us better identify the risks to humans from different snake groups, and also potentially from other venomous animals such as spiders, scorpions, centipedes and jellyfish."
et al., "Central retinal artery occlusion: an unusual complication of snakebite," Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins Including Tropical Diseases, Botucatu, vol.
The medical officers follow the ICD-10 codes X20-X29 (contact with venomous animals and plants), X20 (venomous snakes).