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Granted, Darger was a crazy janitor, whereas Ventura is a professional artist.
Ventura isn't the first American celebrity to enter the ring of politics, of course.
Indeed, Ventura, known as "The Body" during his wrestling days, brings much more than a pair of bulging biceps to the Gopher State governor's mansion.
As part of its partnership with MBK Ventura, Unitus will provide MBK
And he said it makes sense to recognize the entire Ventura County region from Thousand Oaks to Ventura as a secure place to live.
We wanted to include as much of Minnesota as we could," explained the Gopher State's new first lady, Terry Ventura.
When Ventura announced his candidacy, his slogan was "Retaliate in '98," a sort of "up yours" to the Minnesota political establishment.
SignalDemand will allow us to more consistently and accurately price based upon our true costs to serve, market movements and our quantified understanding of our customer demand," said Rick Mazer, CEO and President Ventura Foods.
Johnson came to Ventura County in January 2005 to help Red Cross officials provide information to the public following the La Conchita mudslides that killed 10 people and injured 14 others.
I am proud of the business that we have created at Ventura and look forward to working with the team at First Look Studios and the newly formed Ventura Home Entertainment," said Larry Hayes, President of Ventura Home Entertainment.
whose family happened to be vacationing in Ventura when they discovered it was opening day at the fair.

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