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Cutting-edge ideas which identify a problem and provide a unique, workable solution are the domain in which the venture capitalist functions, he said, adding that NEEI has received around 200 business plans from prospective entrepreneurs in the region.
He is so wary of powerful venture capitalists that he remained anonymous until last month.
Such conferences are a kind of audition, he explains, "where you pay a modest fee of $500 to $1,500 and get 10 minutes to make a presentation in front of a group of venture capitalists.
In venture capital, it is thought that certain institutions common to the industry will lead to a general uniformity in venture capitalist behavior (Fried & Hisrich, 1994).
In the second quarter of 2002, venture capitalists invested $6 billion; only 647 companies received funding compared to 838 in the previous quarter.
Since the Nasdaq took a tumble this spring, venture capitalists are taking a more sober and, many would argue, more realistic approach to investing.
The intelligence, charisma, talent, speaking ability, reputation, accomplishments, and personality of the entrepreneur are all important to the venture capitalist.
Venture capitalists don't qualify as independent directors by Heard's definition, and their presence is viewed as potentially detrimental.
There is nothing like the prospect of turning a pounds 200 million profit in no time at all to whet the appetite of venture capitalists, who are always on the look-out for companies that promise to make money.
Because the venture capitalist is likely to return to the IPO market with future offerings of portfolio companies, the venture capitalist has reputational capital to protect, a factor that may influence whether, when, and at what price the company will go public.
Instead of loaning money and requiring the fledgling entrepreneur to start repaying the loan immediately, venture capitalists trade up-front cash for part ownership in new companies; venture firms make their money if and when the embryonic businesses go public or sell out to larger companies.
A third feature of the contractual relationship between venture capitalist and entrepreneur relates to compensation and incentives.

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