Verbal process

VERBAL PROCESS. In Louisiana, by this term is understood a written account of any proceeding or operation required by law, signed by the person commissioned to perform the duty, and attested by the signature of witnesses. Vide Proces Verbal.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Communication between two individuals talking to each other is a verbal process. Thinking is largely verbal, because our thoughts are expressed both internally and externally through use of words.
In light of a thoroughgoing behavioral conception of verbal behavior, we can usefully recognize that the predicting, explaining, and theorizing that are such an important part of science are at heart verbal processes. They are a matter of logic insofar as logic itself may be understood as a verbal process and embraced by verbal analyses.
oral reading fluency for some children (by building their awareness of projections from verbal process clauses) (2005, p.
The line followed by the dog and its manifestations will be stated in the verbal process, which shall be annexed to the research verbal process.
The sixth step of Confession is the active verbal process of taking ownership of one's problems in the presence of the group.
The authorities of financial control can require more explanations of the representative of whether employee of the economic agent, which to contribute at establishing some relevant elements of the activity of the economic agent, which can influence the verbal process of financial control.
The natural meaning is what we can discover by our consciousness, while the verbal meaning is such a definition as approved authority shall have imposed: for instance, "conscience is the monitor within us,--the internal man,--the principle which regulates our moral conduct, & c." Like every other verbal process, this, also, maybe be continued in infinitum: thus, What is conscience?
Explaining is usually a verbal process. Good teachers are also role models of appropriate speech and good writing.
As a verbal process, the church's proclamation of the gospel needs to be addressed not alone to "those who have not heard", but also to "those who are no longer in living contact with the Gospel", (who also need).
They postulate that thinking is not solely an abstract or verbal process but that it is tied up with sensory perception" (Schwarcz and Schwarcz 1).
It is a verbal process as each seeks to articulate his personal views and convinced other members.