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The high importance of language had been stressed already in medieval philosophy and theology, which transposed the Greek logos into the tradition of the verbum that reflected the Christian revelation.
Our order Verbum Dei (Word of God) was founded in 1963 by Fr.
Verbum, insofar as it is opposed to vox, is not only a critical distinction in itself.
The items on display in Verbum Domini came from Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions, reflecting the interconfessional heritage and cooperation behind efforts to preserve and pass on God's Word.
In Latin a sermo can be included in a verbum but a verbum can never be included in a sermo.
The first part (Chapters 1-6) examines the history of logos and verbum in a number of key historical figures; this history then informs the line-byline reading of "Sprache und Verbum" that comprises the second part of the book (Chapters 7-11).
No es la primera vez que la editorial Verbum se acerca a la escritura canaria.
O'Callaghan on verbum mentis in Aquinas", American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, vol.
The Swedish infomedia group Elanders AB said on Friday (9 January) that it had received a five-year contract for printing and related services from the publishing group Verbum AB.
For Augustine, spoken words are signs of mental ideas; both find their ultimate grounding in the Supreme Being, who is in fact viewed as the Logos (a notion that emphasizes rationality) and Verbum (which entails the act of communication within and without).