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VERT. Everything bearing green leaves in a forest. Bac. Ab. Courts of the Foreat; Manwood, 146.

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The acquisition has presented Vert with an attractive investment opportunity and is well aligned with the companya[euro](tm)s broader investment strategy.
Jacques Vert, which sells through almost 1,000 outlets in the UK, Ireland and Canada, also warned sales had weakened further in the last three weeks and it was too early to say if this would continue.
Jacques Vert chairman Steve Bodger said: "Our brands have performed well in difficult trading conditions.
Jacques Vert has a stunning collection of fashions and we are delighted that they are showcasing their collection on the catwalk.
Acceptance by the VERT authorities represents another significant milestone for Rhodia's Eolys technology," said Rhodia North American fine inorganics businesses general manager Chris York.
Since then, Jacques Vert said sales in the womenswear sector were 15.
You also may write La Maison Du Vert, H6tel Restaurant Vegetarien, Ticheville, 61120 Vimoutiers, Normandie, France.
Despite continuing tendencies to disorganisation and conflict, it has demonstrated signs of a gradual but incomplete transition to a structured political force, notably through the emergence of two national parties, the Verts and Generation Ecologie.
Cet echange de reflexions a ete suivi par la presentation d'experiences internationales de bourses leaders dans le financement vert par " les Green Bonds " (obligation environnementale, est une emission obligataire que lance une entreprise, une organisation internationale ou une collectivite locale sur les marches financiers pour financer un projet ou une activite a benefice environnemental), notamment la Bourse de Londres et celle du Luxemburg.
Elephant Vert is the first company in the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region exclusively dedicated to the development and production of a full range of these innovative bio-inputs.