Vexed question

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VEXED QUESTION, vexata quaestio. A question or point of law often discussed or agitated, but not determined nor settled.

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We were relieved at this, but on the whole, our adventure had not done much towards clearing up the vexed question of Peg's witchcraft.
The American will know how to appreciate the importance of this opinion, in relation to the house in question, when he is told that it was written by one of those inspired moralists, and profound constitutional lawyers, and ingenious political economists, who daily teach their fellow creatures how to give practical illustrations of the mandates of the Bible, how to discriminate in vexed questions arising from the national compact, and how to manage their private affairs in such a way as to escape the quicksands that have wrecked their own.
So I was surprised by the quite serious response of other letter writers offering their support in Tony's hour of need by offering solutions to this vexed question of the dreaded unevenly browned toast.
And yet there is a lot of really thoughtful material here on the vexed question of productivity - something that should be on the top of every business leader's agenda just now.
The vexed question of another runway/airport for London has been in the air for decades, and the Hinkley Point nuclear power station was first proposed in the early 1990s
New top level artificial pitches have been laid at United's Benton training ground, other physical changes have been made all to the benefit of players, the academy system have been reviewed, and now the vexed question of United's injury list which grew to M1 proportions last season has been addressed with the confirmation that Cristian Fernandez Martinez and Daniel Marti have been co-opted on to the club's medical team under the management of Dr Paul Catterson, United's head of sports medicine and science.
It also seems that it is a lack of legal clarity that haunts the vexed question of corporation tax in the UK.
Sturgeon says that the Scottish people will decide when there's a majority demand for another go at the vexed question on the country's future.
If he gets past Billy Joe Saunders, I would love to see him get in the ring with either Kell Brook or James De Gale to try and sort out the vexed question of who is the Boss of the Middleweights.
BUSINESS leaders' open letter on the vexed question of a North East Metro Mayor is going to ruffle some feathers.
Might a recognition of the body's (relational) isolatedness open the vexed question of sexual accountability in a manner that is not jointly and respectively reducible to homogeneous categories of sex and presumed consensual commonality?
A new approach to the vexed question of how best caterers can meet the needs of young customers has been unveiled by Snowbird foods.