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VIABILITY, med. jur. An aptitude to live after birth; extra uterine life. 1 Briand. Med. Leg. 1ere partie, c. 6, art. 2. See 2 Sav. Dr. Rom. Append. III. for a learned discussion of this subject.

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The anchor rating of SCBK's Long-Term IDR is the parents' Viability Rating because Fitch believes that SCBK would not benefit from the parents' significant junior debt buffer that uplifts their Long-Term IDR one notch above their Viability Rating.
In the model formed by adding amyloid beta, cell viability value was 100% compared to the control group, but decrease in cell viability value with the increase of doses of A[beta] is observed.
Pollen viability can be affected by several factors, such as handling of pollen during collection, tassel maturation stage, and external conditions like temperature and air humidity.
Viability has developed a patent-pending analysis program to help companies evaluate the financial costs associated with employees being unprepared for retirement and the loss of productivity attributed to employees' lack of financial security.
For example, in Saudi Arabia, the viability ratings are quite high.
This preliminary assay of cellular viability is termed "the range finder experiment" as it is simply utilized to establish the range of concentration at which the cells maintain their functionality and are capable of metabolism, division and proliferation.
To assure Latvian business vitality via improvement of citizens' financial literacy, a training course "Financial literacy of entrepreneurs in the field of financial viability management" was elaborated based on N.
To study the suitability of the polymers to maintain the viability of A.
The aims of this study were to evaluate the viability of pollen grains in artificially induced tetraploid accessions of B.
In addition to physiological and genetic factors, the main factors that could affect the viability of stored pollen are moisture and the storage temperature (GANESHAN et al.
Results showed that adding the gums improved the viability of Bifidobacterium from 0.
The Failure of the Court to Explain Why Viability is a Reasonable