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VIABLE, Vitae habilis, capable of living. This is said of a child who is born alive in such an advanced state of formation as to be capable of living. Unless be is born viable he acquires no rights and cannot transmit them to his heirs, and is considered as if he bad never been born.
     2. This term is used In the French law, Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tome 4, p. 101 it would be well to engraft it on our own Vide Traill. Med. Jur. 46, and Dead Born.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Gwynedd council had asked the applicant for more information on why the business was not viable, with planners expected to consider the application over the coming months.
Through the framework the report provides for operators and other ecosystem players to assess whether FWA provides a viable option for broadband in their geography, market situation, or context, we are confident many operators will see fixed wireless as a significant opportunity as we enter the 5G era.'
With this joint effort, viable loan proposals can make the available credit released to the farmers.
literacy, access to finance, higher number of products focussing on such people are launched and as the DBT comes, these accounts will start becoming viable. "Yes, maybe it is not paying for itself today, but I think with such a huge initiative that has been taken, we need to be a little more patient,"she added.
The bank said that it would continue to establish its presence in new, strategic and commercially viable locations.
was found to be in the same pattern for both biomass as increasing Cd concentration, however viable biomass reduced [Cd.sup.2+] removal more than non-viable biomass.
He said that Federal and provincial leadership and all stakeholder are on same page on the subject and committee was working with devotion and consensus to find out viable solutions of problems being faced in execution of the project.
Experts say that a single-train LNG terminal needs at least 8 tcf of natural gas to be viable.
"Stratford demonstrated that it is very difficult to make outgrounds a viable proposition without heavy sponsorship," Gascoigne said.
Mr Miller said: "I couldn't believe it when they told us it was no longer viable to deliver bread.
The present trial was undertaken to characterize the electrophoretic profiles of secreted proteins into the uterine lumen of sheep at 20, 28 and 35 days of gestation in both, viable and non-viable embryos.
The "status quo is neither viable nor acceptable; we now need to find a bold solution which requires all parties to show wisdom and discernment in order to find a solution that serves the interests of the peoples of the Maghreb", said Vice-Permanent Representative of the Comoros at the UN, Ambassador Oussein Said Mohamed, before the 4th Committee of the UN's General Assembly.