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Goldstein begins with a survey of the development of the vice presidency from its constitutional roots through to the modern function of the office.
Nevertheless, the vice presidency has long been the target of jokes--often from vice presidents themselves.
The MoU builds on the ongoing cooperation between the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency and the UNOIOS and promises several opportunities to engage in joint activities and information exchange to prevent, detect and substantiate misconduct impacting World Bank and UN-financed projects and activities.
For the vice presidency, which is voted on separately, Senator Chiz Escudero slipped to 29 percent from 33 percent while Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known as "Bongbong," rose to 26 percent from 23 percent.
Given those odds, the ridicule to which the vice presidency often is subjected is as undeserved as it is long-running.
application as a candidate for the vice presidency of the general conference's
OVERWORKED Lawyer Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) is on the verge of securing the vice presidency at his firm.
Ruy Amparo, who had been accumulating attributions of TAM Airlines' vice president of operations and maintenance and the MRO, remains in charge for TAM airlines' vice presidency of operations and maintenance.
"[The] announcement is testament to the importance of unified global action against corruption to ensure efforts to educate the children of Sudan and other developing countries are not undermined by corruption," said Stephen Zimmermann, Director of Operation, World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency. "The actions taken by British authorities in response to a referral from the World Bank are a clear signal that corruption impacting development will not escape the rule of law."
Rick Perry was asked this morning whether he'd be interested in the vice presidency. (Spoiler alert: No.)
Prince Ali knocked off powerful South Korean Chung Mong Joon to win the FIFA vice presidency at the Asian Football Confederation Congress in January.
GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A (NYSE: GOL) (BM&FBovespa: GOLL4) yesterday announced further organisational change to the technical vice presidency which will now consist of three areas and two departments.

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