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For these reasons alone, a vice regal visit was appropriate.
The benefits of vice regal visits to other countries may seem ephemeral, but there is much to be gained from extending the hand of friendship or cementing an old and amicable relationship.
An authoritative, well-expressed contemporary definition of the vice regal office today was developed a few years ago by the British Columbia Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform.
Starting June 15, Government Houses Vice Regal Coffee Bar will be offering a build-your-own Prairie Picnic Basket for guests to pick up and enjoy with no need to order ahead.
Vice Regal Lodge, North Campus, University Of Delhi, Delhi-110007.
Tenders are invited for Provision of chain link fencing with concertina coil at periphery of vice regal lodge campus at feasible places to prevent entry of anti social elements inside campus at iias rp niwas shimla
Tenders are invited for Hiring of tentage articles for may day and other functions at old vice regal lodge, university of delhi