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VICE-ADMIRAL. The title of an officer in the navy; the next in rank after the admiral. In the United States we have no officer by this name.

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Meanwhile, General Votel praised Vice-Admiral Donegan's contribution to maintaining maritime security since he assumed command in September 2015, wishing him success in his next assignment as Director of Navy Staff at the Pentagon and awarding him the Distinguished Service Medal.
Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice-Admiral Kaleem Shaukat, Commander Karachi Rear Admiral Athar Mukhtar and Commander Logistics Rear Admiral Sajid Wazir Khan were also present on the occasion.
I've come to the River Festival as this event keeps reaffirming the timeless links between the Royal Navy, the Merchant Navy and Liverpool," said Vice-Admiral Jones, who comes from Bebington.
During the meeting, the Minister of Defence briefed the French Vice-Admiral on the ongoing developments in the economy and the efforts of the Government to find a solution to the issue.
Saleh Ali Al Mohayya, The Chief of General Staff received here today Vice-Admiral Philippe Combes, the Assistant to the Chief of French Staff for International Relations ( Etat Major des armees (EMA) le sous-chef Relations Internationales et Vice-amiral.
Vice-Admiral Jenkins was born in Cardiff and went to the former Howardian High School in Penylan before graduating from the Welsh School of Medicine in 1968.
Among those quietly made Commanders of the British Empire (CBE) are General Tommy Franks, commander of the "shock and awe" invasion of Iraq; Vice-Admiral Timothy Keating, who commanded U.
Vice-Admiral Ron Buck relinquished command of Canada's Navy to Vice-Admiral Bruce MacLean.