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VIDELICET. A Latin adverb signifying to wit, that is to say, namely, scilicet. (q.v.) This word is usually, abbreviated Viz.
     2. The office of the videlicet is to mark, that the party does not undertake to prove the precise circumstances alleged, and in such case he is not required to prove them. Steph. Pl. 309'; 7 Cowen, R. 42; 4 John. R. 450; 3 T. R. 67, 643; 8 Taunt. 107; Greenl. Ev. Sec. 60; 1 Litt. R. 209. Vide Yelv. 94; 3 Saund. 291 a, note; New Rep. *465, note; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 2 Pick. 214, 222; 16 Mass. 129.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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85D: "et sic patet circa quid habet magnificentia consistere, quia videlicet circa magnos sumtus."
Among the eight recipients of Golden Bulls last year was the Bank of Scotland, for this opening on a letter to consumers: "We hereby give you notice that Bank of Scotland have retrocessed, reponed and restored Executors and Assignees, in and to their own right and place in the under-noted policy of Assurance by our Office, Videlicet...."
Grammatica congrue loquendi & scribendi ratio & scientia in omnibus linguis quatuor partibus constat, videlicet: 1.
(74) Following the Norman Conquest, William the Conqueror arrogated to himself the prerogative power to designate tracts of land as "forests." Edward Coke gave a concise definition of the term: "A Forest doth consist of eight things, videlicet of soil, covert, laws, courts, judges, officers, game, and certain bounds." EDWARD COKE, FOURTH PART OF THE INSTITUTES OF THE LAWS OF ENGLAND 288 (Hargrave & Butler eds., 1st Am.
But from a semantic point of view, nochmal seems to be related to the following phrase, videlicet we have nochmal die Suche nach Wasser.
Actum Florentie et in populo Sancti Stephani Habatie florentine et in apotecha ser Bonaventure Leonardi Bonaventure, notarii publici et causidici florentini, presentibus testibus ad infrascripta omnia et singula vocatis, habitis et proprio ore infrascripti testarotis rogatis, videlicet: ser Benedicto Lapi Iuliani de Tabarrinis, ser Carolo Iacobi magistri Angeli, civibus et notariis publicis florentinis, Matheo Dominici Mathei, numptio publico, Iacobo Benvenuti de Aldobrandis de Florentia, Bastiano Mecheri Mathei de Casellis, populi Sancti Martini a Charcheri, Andrea Benardi Niccholai de Sancta Maria Impruneta et Antonio Nicholai Iohannis de Sancta Maria Impruneta predicta.