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The answer is that Americans remain unable to resolve painful controversies while schools neglect the cultural and historical dimensions of an event like the Viet Nam War. Resistance on a national scale to including multicultural perceptions and methodologies in school curricula represent a continuation of long-standing ethnocentric and xenophobic pressures on public schools.
A Marine helicopter gunner in the Viet Nam War, Karlin returns to Viet Nam to work on the film "Song of the Stork" being made by young Vietnamese filmmakers.
Since that war started, the Viet Nam War, the Cold War and many lesser conflicts have ended.
For this reason, the publication of Albert French's memoir Patches of Fire: A Story of War and Redemption is a signal event in both the field of African American autobiography and that of Viet Nam War literature.
for John Baca, American Veteran of the Viet Nam War
Pat was a lifelong resident of the area and a proud Viet Nam War U.S.
He was a helicopter crew chief during the Viet Nam War. He worked at Wyman Gordon in Grafton for 25 years and was a volunteer fireman for the Town of Northbridge for many years.
This book is about the infantry, Queen of Battles from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam War, Grenada and Panama Wars, Operation Desert Storm, Somalia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Viet Nam War veteran, former Military Police officer, and current middle school science teacher William W.
Raymond was a Marine Corps veteran during the Viet Nam War and was a retired supervisor at Electric Boat Company in Groton.
During the Viet Nam War, Phyllis was active in the Red Cross and was the volunteer director of the Ponderosa, a welcome center for wounded warriors returning through Andrews Air Force Base.