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VINDICATION, civil law. The claim made to property by the owner of it. 1 Bell's Com. 281, 5th ed. See Revendication.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The draft statute would give a libel plaintiff the option to bring a vindication action in lieu of an action for money damages.
UPA's win is a vindication of the policies, programmes and values for which the UPA came together," senior NCP leader and Union Minister Praful Patel said.
A homebred for Satish Sanan's Padua Stables, which purchased Vindication as a Saratoga select sale yearling for EUR2,150,000, Galiano is out of Gilded Minstrel, a Gilded Time half-sister to 1996 champion two-year-old filly Storm Song.
VINDICATION:Coach Ian Millward has been delighted with Jon Wilkin
Mr Robinson has vehemently denied asking for a bail-out at the meeting with Mr Byers and described the minutes as a "vindication" of his position.
Rorem must feel some kind of satisfaction that his quiet yet persistent rant against dissonant, atonal modernist complexity has finally found vindication. Having felt more discriminated against as a composer than as a gay person, Rorem has long been an activist for musical simplicity.
He said: "The order is a vindication of the efforts of everyone at the yard and a testament to the undoubted quality of the ships it produces."
Spielberg issued a statement, describing the verdict as "a great victory and a tremendous vindication."
Finally, Parliament bestowed a cash prize and deed of thanks on Harrison directly, so at least the inventor died with the knowledge of his vindication. The Board of Longitude was so incensed by this challenge to its authority that ultimately it never awarded the original [pounds]20,000 to anyone.
In a separate statement, National Union of Peoples' Lawyers' (NUPL) Edre Olalia, who was among those who handled the cases of the leftist leaders, said the junking of the lawsuit is a 'vindication of truth.'
VINDICATION'S stud fee will remain unchanged at $60,000 for next season, despite spectacular results for his yearlings at Keeneland's September Yearling Sale, John Sikura said on Friday.
In an interview with Page Six, she revealed that she is much relaxed after learning about his diagnosis, explaining, "It was vindication in a weird, twisted way.