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The discourse of the loss in the vindicative associations' of pre-retired people
A A vindicative former colleague told The Sun that it was me, even though she knew that it wasn't.
As Lord Kenyon notes, Hodges' behavior is that of "prostitut[ing] his wife," a common defense for alleged adulterers to leverage against their accusers, and one which goes back to the historical precedent of Lord Audley, who despite his abusive behavior (in later divorce trials the wife had to prove extreme spouse abuse as well) was tried on moral charges (among them, forcibly prostituting his wife), similar to crim con cases which are retributive rather than vindicative.
In addition to a theoretical account of responsibility, and a defence of free will and of the vindicative theory of punishment, it contains particular moral recommendations for business people, investors, government office-holders, etc.
A vindicative posture includes denial and transcendence.
We believe, however, that the IRS can and must do more to demonstrate that arbitrary, capricious, and vindicative actions by revenue agents, revenue officers, and other IRS employees will not be tolerated.
Yet by and large the radicals were not vindictive people, and there certainly was never a vindicative majority.
Aux partis politiques qui estiment repondre veritablement a cette appellation de depasser l'iteration vindicative et anecdotique des evenements pour envisager l'avenir en toute responsabilite.
beaucoup moins que] Il faut s'ouvrir et accepter l'autre dans le cadre du respect mutuel, loin de toute velleite vindicative.
Always at war with both his schoolfellows and the masters who were unwilling to close their eyes at his frequent indiscretions, callous and obdurate, vindicative and yet picturesque, Beddoes exhibited many of the qualities of a "misunderstood genius.
Quant a Sara, il lui parait important de jouer un personnage <<gentil >>, ce qui l'amene a choisir systematiquement d'inscrire son avatar dans les referents positifs du jeu (classe soignante et protectrice, << race >> consideree comme non vindicative, etc.
He said: "Mr Whitfield presented as very similar to men who are rejected stalkers - at times desperate for reconciliation, while at other times very vindicative, very revengeful and very angry.