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Most Vindicators have not met their child's adopters but nonetheless denigrate their motives.
But they may, and often do, involve: the creation of a demilitarized "buffer zone" between Aggressor and Victim (and any Vindicator), whether it be on land, sea or air; the capping of certain aspects of Aggressor's military capability; and especially the destruction of Aggressor's weapons of mass destruction.
Sixteen pilots and gunners, including Fleming and his gunner, Corporal Eugene Card, flew SBD-2s, with the remaining 11 crews flying Vindicators. While their Imperial Japanese Navy counterparts winged their way toward the atoll for bombing attacks, VMSB-241 set its sights on enemy carriers.
Tuesday Division One: Cartwright Allstars 5, FNoses 0; Windsor Wanders 0, City Central 5; The Caerau 4, CPM 2; Thornhill Tornados 11, Vindicators 3; Cardiff Bay Tigers 10, Gilesport Scousers 3.
Thornhill Tornados 2, CPM 3; Gilesports Scousers 4, Vindicators 9.
Windsor Wanders 4, Thornhill Tornadoes 5; CPM 9, Hawthorn Sundays 3; City Central 5, Gilesports Scousers 2; Athletico 10, Vindicators 4.
Tuesday Division One: Cartwright Allstars 2, Vindicators 12; Cardiff Bay Tigers 4, Hawthorn Sunday 8; Windsor Wanders 7, CPM 4; The Caerau 6, City Central 1;
Windsor Wanders 4, Vindicators 7; Cardiff Bay Tigers 8, Llanedeyrn FC 2; The Caerau 13, F-Noses 2; Thornhill Tornadoes 6, Hawthorn Sunday 3;
Tuesday Division One: Athletico 7, Cartwright Allstars 7; City Central 2, F-Noses 10; Sporting JJB 10, Gilesports Scousers 3; The Caerau 6, Hawthorn Sunday 2; Llanedeyrn FC 9, Vindicators 5; Cardiff Bay Tigers 3, Thornhill Tornados.
Proposals administrator Ryan Harty was on hand to explain the merits of the company's Vindicator II UAV-T, a sleek-looking, propeller-driven flying machine with a length of 8.75 feet and a wingspan measuring about the same.
After spending two days on display at CANSEC 2010, a very cheerful looking Vindicator II unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Meggitt Training Systems Canada made his way to the Canadian War Museum on June 3.