Violent argument with ex boyfriend

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Country: United States of America
State: Georgia September my ex boyfriend and I got into and argument which turned violent. He punched and slapped me a number of times at a public place in front of witnesses that saw what was happening and called the police. Though he left the scene, a warrant was issued for his arrest and about a month later he was rearrested. I was also told to get a restraining order but I thought that being arrested was enough to teach him a lesson since he was never violent before and I wasn't fearful for my life. He was then released on bond and after appearing in court ordered to attend 24 weeks of domestic violence counseling...from what I was told by the court. He had never been violent towards me before so I began to feel bad about what happened. So I went to his house about two weeks later to see how he was doing. His brother answered the door and said that he was not home at the time but told me where he was. I told his brother to tell him that I stopped by to see how he was doing A week later I was served with a temporary restraining order for stalking which I had to laugh at because the information he gave in the report were complete lies. I talked to a friend of mine whose husband is a police officer and she informed me that her husband sees this all the time and that its a case of him wanting to get revenge for what he went through. She told me that I shouldn't have any more contact with him which was fine because I did not plan to. I was scheduled to appear in court days later to dispute the TPO but since I was out of town I did not make an effort to get back to attend the hearing. After all, I wasn't planning on having anymore contact with him anyway so at that time I didn't care if he wanted a restraining order against me. But I also did not realize the seriousness of having a restraining order filed against you. Two weeks had gone by and I had not received another order of restraint so I figured either he had a change of heart or it was not granted. About two days before thanksgiving I received a phone call from my ex. I'm not confrontational and I also did not want for us to end on such bad terms so I decided to listen o what he had to say. We talked for about an hour, just a normal conversation we didn't say much about what had been going on between us, mainly because I just didn't feel like dealing with it and I just wanted us to get to a point where we could at least be cordial to one another. After a while on the phone I told him that I needed to go and that I would call him back so that we could finish talking and he said ok. Well, I called him back but he didn't answer. So called him back a second time. answer. A few hours passed and my answering service showed that I had new messages. I checked my voicemail only to find that there was a message from a police officer saying that my ex had come to them because I was calling and harassing him and violating a restraining order and they also said that he filed a police report and that I could be arrested for aggravated stalking. They left a number to call back but I didn't. I called him twice!! and I had no idea that there was still a restraining order in effect. I have also been receiving harassing and threatening calls from what sound to be a few females and also calls form someone that just holds the phone or hangs up as soon as I answer. At first I didn't think much of, just someone playing on the phone. But I'm beginning to think that my ex is trying have me arrested or do something to get back at me. What should I do?


Keep records etc. and file a police report for any and all suspicious events...
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