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I know Viren did it twice, I know others did it before that, Zatopek and so forth, (but) distance running now is more competitive by far than it ever has been before.
Pre ran full-out from the front, then faded near the end to finish fourth (while Viren won).
This was followed 50 years later by another flying Finn Viren who completed a remarkable 5,000 and 10,00m double in 1972 and 1976 while doing very little else in his career.
When the pair flee to the picturesque mountains of north India, role reversal is milked for laughs, as the meek, wellmeaning Viren follows the lead of his bossy, entitled "victim," who merrily scams a gas station attendant en route.
Viren J Shah, manages the company's day-to-day operations.
Fellow graduate Viren Jani added: "It was absolutely fantastic to meet up with my old classmates, extremely informative and in all, a happy experience.
Akshay's brother Viren has been helping in that transition.
Undoubtedly, the Mumbai-based Viren Bhagat is the most exclusive Indian jeweler.
Invited percussionists were Giovanni Hidalgo and Francisco Aguabella, in addition to other musical guests such as Lazaro Galarraga, Johnny Polanco, Ricky Rodriguez, Angel Figueroa and Viren Moret.
Some idea of the market shares of different payment media can be obtained from various consumer surveys (such as VIREN, 1994), but we also mention here that in 2005, ATM withdrawals in euros exceeded the card payments in the euro area.
There are 1,001 different directions in which one could go," says Viren Mehta, a managing member at Mehta Partners, a small, New York-based money management and advisory firm specializing in pharmaceutical and biotech stocks.
Scandinavian Dynasty: Nurmi, Ritola, Anderson, Erikkson, Viren, etc.