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business carried out by electronic means. Now the subject of European Union legislation in the desire for a harmonized market and to ensure the free movement of ‘information society services’ across the European Community. That includes control of the ‘establishment’ of service providers; the regulation of commercial communications; electronic contracts; the liability of intermediaries; codes of conduct; out-of-court dispute settlements; court actions; cooperation between Member States. The focus of the UK implementing legislation is on a commercial communication which is a communication, in any form, designed to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or image of any person pursuing a commercial, industrial or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession, other than a communication.

A person providing an information society service is obliged to make available to the recipient of that service certain information. A service provider is under a duty to ensure that any commercial communications constituting or forming part of an information society service which he provides complies with certain requirements. A service provider is under a duty to ensure that any unsolicited commercial communication sent by him is clearly and unambiguously identifiable as such as soon as it is received and to provide certain information where contracts are concluded by electronic means unless parties who are not consumers have agreed otherwise. More practical substance appears in relation to DISTANCE SELLING. Special provisions have been made to facilitate certain aspects of e-commerce, see e.g. CONDUIT, CACHING, HOSTING.

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[ClickPress, Tue Nov 06 2018] Virtual stores are online retail stores which display merchandise.
Currently, our shoppers can go to our website and take a tour of our virtual stores. In the future, it will indicate that customers can make purchases through that virtual store.
The platform makes it possible to quickly and easily set up and manage 3D virtual stores where shoppers can stroll as if in a brick-and-mortar store, from the comfort of their homes.
Merchants willing to sell their products online through Doha Sooq can set up their virtual store at this e-mall without incurring rental costs, labor and inventory costs.
The latest example of this localisation was the launch in 2011 of its first virtual store, located in a Seoul subway station, an idea based on the observation that the typical Seoul commuter did not have the time to shop at her nearest brick-and-mortar Homeplus store.
But starting out with a virtual store in China may be a very good business decision for Costco, for at least four reasons:
Imagine browsing virtual store shelves through your VR device and purchasing an item or a child "walking down" Sesame Street.
One foreign innovation that Spiegelman said could make it to New York soon is the Virtual Store. Launched by British grocery-store chain Tesco's subsidiary in Korea in 2011 at several subway and bus stops, it allows passers-by to buy groceries by scanning barcodes with their smartphones.
Today, InContext has become a leader in web-based 3D virtual store solutions, providing software, research and visualization services that simulate shopper and retail experiences to produce decision critical insights for both manufacturers and retailers.
"Our efforts were focused on laying a solid foundation for the virtual store by always putting the user experience first," Jagtiani added.
All the teens were given a shopping task to complete in the virtual store. The researchers tracked the teens' paths in the stores, their attempts to purchase tobacco, and then asked them about their perception of ease of purchasing tobacco.

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